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Research indicates that "Africa stands as the continent most susceptible to the impacts of climate change across all projected scenarios" (UNDP, 2018). Namibia, like many African countries, experiences not only environmental but also profound psychological impacts due to these changes.

In Windhoek's informal settlements, residents grapple with a spectrum of mental health challenges. An estimated 35% of residents in these settlements report experiencing symptoms consistent with generalized emotional distress, while 15% exhibit signs of eco-anxiety (Mbewe, 2019). Moreover, incidents of PTSD due to climate-induced events, such as flooding, have risen by 20% in the last five years (Legal Assistance Center, 2023).

Furthermore, cultural predispositions often marginalize mental health, leading to an estimated 70% of affected individuals not receiving adequate care (WHO, 2021). Such deficiencies emphasize the need for specialized mental health support tailored to climate-induced challenges.

Recognizing this need, Nomvuselelo initiated 'Shiveli,' an innovative platform providing holistic support to the youth affected by climate change. Through its multifaceted approach—comprising edutainment, group discussions, creative sessions, and open forums—Shiveli has successfully destigmatized mental health discussions among the youth.

Since its inception, the platform has catered to over 500 youths, offering psychological first aid, resilience-building interventions, and coping strategy facilitation, among other services (Shiveli Annual Report, 2022).

Shiveli's future roadmap is expansive. With a focus on amplifying the intersectionality of climate change and mental health, the initiative aims to reach over 5,000 vulnerable youths by 2025. Plans include garnering funding for immersive experiences, retreats, and bootcamps designed to engender deep healing and resilience.





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