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FXB Climate Ambassadors

The FXB Climate Ambassadors are a select group of program alumni who demonstrate outstanding commitment to FXB International’s values and are implementing transformative community climate action projects. FXB Climate Ambassadors provide input into program design, spread awareness about the FXB Climate Advocates Program, and mobilize their communities towards climate action.

Santiago Mendes Esteves
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Santiago is 15 years old and from Lisbon, Portugal. He speaks five languages and has lived in three different countries. 

Currently, he is successfully developing a project in collaboration with FXB International that combines hydroponic vertical farming solutions with FXB's microcredit poverty alleviation program in the impoverished slums of Windhoek, Namibia. 

Santiago's project is posed to lift over 500 people from extreme poverty.

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Mohamed is 23 years old and from Guinea. He completed his studies at the African Leadership University (ALU) in Rwanda. 


Mohamed is engaged in leadership roles, with positions such as the vice-president of the Kigali Local Committee, vice-chair of the United Nations Global Model, project associate in the Guinean Ministry of Agriculture and peace ambassador of the Global Peace Chain, among others.

Mohamed Bachir Camara
Jessica Julius Mshama
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Jessica is an education specialist from Tanzania who has founded a branch of digital primary schools, Assumpter Digital Schools (ADS), and a non-profit organization, Nakua Na Taifa Langu. 

Through these initiatives, she promotes interactive climate programs for youth, giving them a broad base of understanding to develop their own climate action projects. 

Jessica has been named a member of Forbes Africa under 30.

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David is a scholarship student from New York. He is a dual citizen, speaking both Spanish and English. David is keen on public speaking and debating, which allow him to fight for diversity on numerous platforms.

David is an expert in video editing and photography, which he has applied in roles for FXB International and Corazón Verde Foundation. David has also published several peer reviewed studies over the effect that invasive microalgae have on NY’s marine ecosystem. 

David Solano
Omor Faruque
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Omor is a passionate advocate for climate action, child rights, and sustainable development. He founded OMNA, an initiative which is addressed at the intersection between child's rights and climate change.

Omor actively participates in numerous international organizations such as the SAARC Youth Platform, the UN MGCY, and the Global Digital Compact by UN Tech Envoy

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Saudat is a passionate climate activist and graduate from the University of Ghana. She took a course with the Oxford Climate Society.

Alongside numerous international organizations, Saudat founded Globally Green, an initiative which educates youth and aids them in developing climate action projects.


Saudat Kamarre-Deen
My project (1)_edited.jpg
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Kate is 18 years old and originally from St. Louis, United States. She founded the educational non-profit The Compass Online, which is an online platform dedicated to promoting the understanding of global issues and sustainable development. It has reached over 18,000 people from 75+ countries.

She utilizes her skills in communication and outreach to promote environmentalism and education. Kate is on the LCOY USA 2023 delegation, is a Theme Partner for the G20 Changemaker's Summit for India, and has completed a US Department of State fellowship. 

Pranto Paul - Profile.png
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Pranto is a graduate from Bangladesh's Shahjalal University of Science & Technology with a degree in Anthropology. He is the co-founder of 'The Lens of Anthropology' and leads a youth-led organization called 'Light to Life' in Bangladesh, through which he trained 500 young climate action leaders and planted 1000 trees in Bangladesh.


Pranto organised an in-person event in Coxsbazar, Bangladesh, which brought stakeholders and climate change experts together to debate climate change through an art and panel discussion. 

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Christa is a high school student at Kigutu International academy. She leads an initiative that gathers volunteer students to clean roads, recycle plastics and to educate youth in the Kigutu community surrounding her school.

Recently, Christa created a project that involves children and women in climate resilience through mitigation education. 


Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 19_edited.jpg
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Victoria is a member of the National Youth Leadership Council for the Jane Goodall Institute, with pre-college courses in law and neuroscience at Columbia University.


She has previously interned for Earth Day and was a Youth Ambassador for the US department of state for Costa Rica, which she traveled to to learn about sustainability. 

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Ogunsola Ayooluwa Folakunmi is the founder of the African Climate Change Movement, Vice President of EcoDiversified International, and has worked to teach about climate change and take climate action in over 20 countries.


Ayooluwa was named as the Most Enterprising Student in Nigeria in 2021, and won the Eco Award Championship for International Climate Action. He is a graduate of Tai Solarin University of Education, where he studied geography and environmental management. 

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Simeon is a permaculturist and graduate in public health from Livingstonia. He serves as a Solidarity Exchange for the Environment and Development participant, host of FXB Climate Talks, and youth delegate for COP-28.

In Malawi, he founded Fridays for Future Malawi, Rise Up Movement Malawi, and Climate Live Malawi. Currently, he is working to implement permaculture gardening projects in schools. He was awarded the People's Person Award and Integration and Grit Award from CorpsAfrica.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 18.43_edited.jpg
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Wessal is a volunteer and climate advocate who tackles the problems at the intersection between medicine and climate change.

Wessal is a graduate of the Harvard Chan C-CHANGE Youth Summit on Climate, Equity, and Health and a volunteer at the Weill Cornell Emergency Department. 


After founding the Environmental Justice club at her school, The Dalton School, Wessal created a club charter that pushed for higher levels of climate education amongst younger grades, as well as an emphasis on the ways in which
low-income minority communities are disproportionately affected by climate change

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Ikani Israel is a passionate advocate for climate action and a dedicated champion of youth participation in the climate movement. Ikani is a member of the Global Coordination Team of YOUNGO, the official youth constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

Born and raised in Nigeria, Ikani has seen firsthand the devastating impacts of climate change on communities worldwide. Ikani has worked tirelessly to educate others about the importance of climate adaptation and has been instrumental in developing youth-led climate projects that have made a real difference in local communities. 

Ikani israel .JPG
Supreeth Balaji.jpg
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Supreeth has a deeply-rooted passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and  Mathematics). He took the bold step of founding a startup in the renewable energy sector, exemplifying his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to sustainability. 

Currently, Supreeth serves as a Regional Youth Representative for the World Organization of the Scout  Movement (WOSM). 

His achievements include receiving the prestigious Rajyapuraska Award  (Governors Award) and being recognized as a youth innovator, further affirming my contributions to  the fields of innovation and technology. 

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The UN Climate Action Ambassador, Ewi Stephanie Lamma has over nine years of experience in research and development. She is a Climate Reality Leader and an environmental and climate justice advocate. She focuses on developing entrepreneurship support and programs facilitating the representation and channeling of rural voices (women and youth) at national and international levels.


To bridge the intergenerational gap in natural resource management and build the capacities of young women for climate justice, Lamma added a youth component to her radio program Eco-voice, and developed manuals on climate and WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) education.


Ewi was a speaker on several platforms at COP 27 where she screened her documentary, African Voices for Africa’s Forest. She has shared the stage with US former Vice President Al Gore, and Irish 7th President Mary Robinson and has spoken on many platforms, including the UN Global Climate Summit at Colorado University, Boulder. 

Ewi Lamma  (1).jpg

FXB Climate Ambassadors

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