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Project Overview:

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Collaboration with Circular Philadelphia represents an invaluable opportunity to delve into the nuances of environmental policies crucial to the advancement of the circular economy [1]. Circular Philadelphia, a distinguished non-profit organization, endorses the shift toward an economic paradigm that prioritizes material reuse, marking a departure from prevalent economic systems [2].

Central to this initiative is the detailed research into environmental policies of diverse U.S. cities. Such an investigation is essential to extract best practices and learn from cities that have implemented more rigorous environmental measures [3]. The culmination of this research is expected to result in a white paper, a document of significant import in presenting complex challenges alongside their potential solutions [4].

A preliminary analysis indicates that cities on the West Coast, notably, have embraced more stringent environmental policies in comparison to cities like Philadelphia and DC [5]. Harnessing these findings, there is an opportunity to engage with policymakers in Philadelphia. Disseminating the white paper among these influential stakeholders is hoped to spur revisions in policies, especially those related to the prevalent issues surrounding single-use plastics [6].

As part of the continuum of this collaboration, continuous engagement in the Food Systems Group meetings is essential, underpinned by an ongoing commitment to research and the development of future policy documents. This collaboration is also poised to be a conduit for refining public outreach skills and deepening understanding in environmental advocacy.

In summation, this endeavor transcends mere advocacy for stringent environmental protocols in Philadelphia. It symbolizes a comprehensive journey of learning in environmental advocacy underscored by rigorous policy research.


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