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Project Overview:

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The Home Waste Management Project aims to improve household waste management by implementing various activities. These activities address challenges such as climate change and epidemic diseases caused by human activities. The main issue in the community is the improper disposal of home waste, leading to poor hygiene and management, and resulting in epidemic diseases.

To tackle these problems, the project focuses on several solutions. Firstly, it utilizes the gas produced from the waste management process for cooking activities, reducing the need for wood and minimizing deforestation. This helps decrease carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Secondly, the project implements proper waste management techniques, such as storing waste in tanks, to prevent the occurrence of diseases. By promoting better hygiene and reducing the risk of epidemics, the project ensures a healthier living environment.

Additionally, the compost produced from the waste management process is used as fertilizer, enhancing agricultural production. This leads to increased agricultural productivity, benefiting the community by providing food security and economic opportunities.

Moreover, the project creates job opportunities such as waste collectors, waste decomposers, and masons for tank construction. This not only improves the livelihoods of individuals but also contributes to the local economy.

Furthermore, the project has positive impacts on the environment. By reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting forests, it contributes to climate adaptation. It also promotes sustainable practices and reduces reliance on deforestation for cooking, preserving natural habitats and biodiversity.

Overall, the Home Waste Management Project aims to improve household waste management. It addresses challenges related to climate change and epidemic diseases, promoting better hygiene, agricultural productivity, job creation, and environmental sustainability.

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