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Project Overview:

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Problem Statement

Climate change is a big problem for people, biodiversity, and the environment. Human activities are the primary sources of pollution and lead to environmental degradation. One can find waste in the corners of communities, which continue to contribute to polluting the environment, the source of health for human beings. I am committed to serving as a climate advocate and initiated the Sustainable Waste Management project to do my part. 

Project Goal

The primary purpose of the project is to end the global problem of climate crisis. The project also aims to address the problem of environmental degradation particularly, climate change caused by depositing plastic and industrial hazardous waste into the soil without proper separation and management. I propose a sustainable waste management process that disposes waste in a sustainable way such as recycling, reusing materials, and transforming plastic waste into new products. 


Project Implementation

The project works on different sectors and corners based on the sectors of employment such as in the market, hospitals, clinics, stadiums, and university campuses. I have installed two waste disposal bins in every corner of my university campus so that students can separate waste. Students are asked to separate waste that goes into the landfill from plastic waste. I also installed bins for industrial hazardous waste. The second step of the project is to store the plastic waste so that it can be recycled.  I mobilized volunteers in my community to help me with this project. The project is shaping my community and bringing hope for the future fertility of the soil and a safe environment.

Future Plans

I hope to scale this project throughout the country in order to reduce air, water, and soil pollution.

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