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Tree Lined Park

Promoting Intelligent Afforestation Globally
USA | Om Desai

Project Overview:

Trees are vital to the environment, serving various ecological functions. Unfortunately, deforestation has led to a sharp decline in tree numbers with wide-ranging adverse effects. The solution to this crisis is not just planting more trees but doing so in a considered manner.

Project Green is an AI and ML-based algorithm that analyzes satellite imagery and other data to find optimal locations for tree planting and determines the species that would thrive in those areas.

The image processing algorithm assesses satellite imagery to predict the land's suitability for trees. For example, areas like oceans or deserts would be deemed unsuitable, while fertile fields or sparse forests would be considered viable.


Furthermore, Project Green can access various weather and climate information, further refining the decision-making process by determining which types of trees are best suited for specific areas.

This technology allows for efficient and targeted planting, creating an opportunity to make a positive environmental impact.

Project Green represents a strategic and technological advancement in combating deforestation. By efficiently identifying the best locations and species for tree planting, it aligns with broader efforts to address significant environmental challenges.


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