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Standardizing Sustainable Living
Kampala, Uganda | Aaron Masuba

Project Overview:

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Almost 1 billion people lack access to electricity, clean water and modern agricultural mills and machines, while 2 billion cook on open fires at home, creating excessive indoor air pollution that leads to respiratory disease, as well as fire hazards. The Sustainable Development Goals have been set to solve such problems by 2030 and thus eliminate poverty for the poorest families in the world, but considerable innovation and financial capital is required to achieve these goals. Project KasanaShare combines software, hardware, and financial products into a set of micro infrastructure solutions that help reduce poverty in multiple ways, including increasing access to solar electricity, clean water and agricultural machinery.


The project objectives can be summarised as follows;

  • To connect all off-grid and grid disconnected  areas with sustainable electricity

  • To increase access to clean water, internet services and financial products

  • To avail shared agricultural machinery and equipment to farmers.

KasanaShare is a zero carbon emissions all renewable energy peer-to-peer energy trading platform enabled by ICT and IoT for adaptability to clean energy for resilient ecosystems. Sharing energy has proven to be the most effective method for adaptability to clean energy but technical resources are limited due to cut-throat prices and the capacity to translate the internet of Energy, Battery AI, and intelligent Energy management digital infrastructure to create a network of virtual power plants and energy banks for grid efficient energy sources. KasanaShare shall be the first of its kind to utilize the cyber-physical infrastructure based on widely available LoRaWAN technology and low-cost IoT smart meters to enable Real-estate owners and Landlords to become Prosumers through the use of their rooftops as sources of grid energy that can be shared to their tenants at a relatively low price and a surplus be shared with other households in their surroundings or net metered to the utility grid. Our KasanaShare is developed through the use of the Node-RED via IBM IoT platform and MQTT protocol for information interchange.

KasanaShare has been translated into a complete Dashboard for energy resource monitoring and Grid integration. 
The project team are currently raising funds to install their first Community Grid.

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