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#WorldChildrensDay 2022, Lovert Tata

I'm youth environmental activist passionate about environmental sustainability and also an environmental engineering enthusiast, from the university of Buea, Cameroon.

I'm a key leader at the students Association ESSA. I'm focusing on tackling the global issue of plastic pollution, I have a group of young people I lead for cleanups and other environmental activities every Monday. Having studied in the educational system of Cameroon, I noticed that Environmental Science is not taught in primary schools and children until they grow mature are ignorant on some environmental issues especially climate change.

My project is to implement a strategy of educating children on Environmental Science especially climate change through the introduction of events like football games. It is children's right to know how their future is like, we can't leave children out as we fight climate change, they are part of the solution. We'll lead workshop before the game to teach them how to nurse and plant trees. In those games, each young person will register with either 100 plastics or a nursed tree. And at the end of the tournament, we gift them climate change story books.


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