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#WorldChildrensDay 2022, Dhruv Bhatt

I am a child-rights and climate justice advocate from India volunteering as a child advisor at the #CovidUnder19 Initiative by Swiss NGO Terre des Hommes.

#CovidUnder19 is an international initiative led by children and allied adults that uses rights-based advocacy to promote the well-being of children around the world. We regularly host online workshops, develop child-rights toolkits, and conduct surveys to generate awareness and capacity amongst children. Apart from these online events, we collaborate with universities, the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against children and human rights NGOs to provide platforms for our child advisors to express themselves globally. www.tdh.ch/en/projects/covidunder19

Our most recent workshop featured an Open Letter addressed to the UN Secretary-General by children regarding the various impacts of the climate crisis on child rights. Link: https://www.tdh.ch/sites/default/files/covidunder19_openletter_unsg_18.11.2022.pdf (child-friendly).

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