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Thulani Moyo

Young Africa, Zimbabwe

Thulani Moyo is a senior student at Dream Academy studying leadership and a student at Young Africa studying plumbing. His career goals are to serve the community he came from doing unimaginable work like sorting sewer systems and fixing broken utensils. It is his duty to transform the lives of both adults and young persons like myself through innovative methods. It is his call to improve his leadership responsibilities and serve his peers and the community at large. Boosting networking abilities is also crucial for Thulani's future development. Running his own project that will educate the community and other people around our community is his sole expectation. This will not only benefit the locals but other interested parties will link up on the project and thereby increasing incredibility and focus. His long-term goal is to become a more responsible and knowledgeable personality and achieve good. His short-term goal is to implement a project thereby enhancing his skills and knowledge.


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