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Tahreem Noor Jatoi

21, University of Sindh, Sindh, Pakistan

  • I joined FXB Climate Advocates to know more about climate change, and about the ways to mitigate it or to seek more knowledge about the adaptive ways. Also, to connect with the people who are interested and curious to learn, grow and bring out solutions for mother earth.

  • I am an undergraduate student of English Language and Literature. I have authored two books and I am an alumnus of the women leadership programme under the US mission for Pakistan and India.

  • I have headed multiple social action projects and fellowships on Climate emergency, and the revival of art and literature under the Active Citizen British council and UNDP respectively. Also, served as an editor and freelancer on several platforms. Being a climate Enthusiast and women activist I love to make my pen a medium to serve the world.

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