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Student Reflections on COP 26

World leaders convened in Glasgow, UK for COP 26 to develop the frameworks for how they will implement the Paris Agreement. Youth continue to demand urgent action to address climate change. FXB Climate Advocate participants share their reflections on COP 26 and climate action.

Nandini Singh: Syosset, NY

I hope leaders will achieve some sort of tangible plan when it comes to mitigating the already exacerbated climate situation. Having talks of helping the climate is helpful but in terms of ushering in change, we need something of substance. This includes having credible political commitment and financing plans for the initiatives that are discussed. Once conversations of initiating change turn into having a laid out plan of action, only then will we see a significant change in our world.

Misk Ibrahim: Muscat, Oman

As youth, our role in advancing climate action would be spreading awareness and taking action in our communities. We may not have a lot of political power but when it comes to social media we have quite a bit of power which we can use for good by mobilizing and spreading awareness among other youth to group together and take collective action. Even if our own governments will not take any actions, it's our job as the leaders of the future, as the future citizens, even as human beings to take action, to give and help mother earth. We have to help the future generations even if it means that we won’t be helped, we can’t rely on our governments anymore.

Bridget Flynn: Narragansett, RI

As a young person, and speaking on behalf of my generation, I would like the leaders at COP 26 to know that we need to take real action, and we need to do it now. Climate change is already having immense effects on local communities and around the world. We need action, not empty promises or ignored pledges. We need substantial change in policy and global ambitions that will be met with the same results that were promised. No longer can leaders and nations make plans to cut emissions, or initiate much needed climate pledges, only to fall short of their promises. As it is, people are already suffering due to climate change. We are not able to wait any longer for a commitment that may or may not result in change, and these problems are starting to fall into the hands of my generation. We will be forced to clean up the mess you have created for us. So we ask one more time, what will it take for you to fix this ongoing crisis?

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