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Spring 2022 Participants React to the IPCC 2022 Report

Written by: Lillian Hill, 14, Iowa

I recently had the opportunity to read to new climate report from the IPCC. I’ve have many reactions to the report, vexation, annoyance, and helplessness. Though… not once was I surprised. For most individuals the new IPCC climate report reiterates the importance of action and action now. We need youth to work together to solve this crisis. We need youth to be informed of this crisis that will act in accordance with their life. Advocacy work is crucial to successfully combat the climate crisis. But if we don’t have government officials willing to advocate on the behalf of the next generation and this generation we will not have a fighting chance. Everyone needs to be engaged resolution of the climate crisis. The climate crisis isn’t bipartisan and shouldn’t be a partisan issue. The climate crisis is science. We need everyone to stop politicizing it. Act now. Policies now. Advocate now. Be here now.

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