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Spring 2022 Participants React to the IPCC 2022 Report

Written by: William Lin, 14, Massachusetts

(1) What is your reaction to the findings of the 2022 IPCC report?

I feel that it just reaffirms the urge to expand the knowledge of climate change. I believe that the constant threat is reaffirmed by the report, and that people need to know about this threat. The report suggests some ways to find solutions, but those won’t do much unless the people know about the threat that they’re fighting against. People often need to know something before they act on it. If they know about an issue that is directly affecting other people as well as themselves, they will be much more likely to do things that can inconvenience them. Putting out this information is nice, and the next step is to format it in a way that people will listen to more easily. While a 37 page summary might be appealing to some people, many people will be turned away from it and not understand the full scale of the problem they’re going against. The graphs look much more appealing, and a combined picture of crucial information from the graphs would spread information fairly well and quickly. Some of the most crucial information might be the costs to fix issues in it as well as damages to necessities that they rely on, such as food.

(2) How should youth climate activists further amplify the urgency of climate action?

I believe that youth climate activists should further amplify the urgency of climate action by emphasizing the effect it has on the people now and in the very near future. It can be very easy to deemphasize the impact of something that seems extremely far away from impacting you, especially if the impacts will come in at a time beyond their lifespans. People often need to know that an issue will impact them immediately, or else they may not take action at all. This applies especially if the issue targets something they either really like and/or need, such as food or infrastructure.

(3) As a young person, what do you want policy makers and governments to know about why they should address the climate crisis?

Ideally they would need to know that it would affect their voting base and their properties. The best way to get a person to act is to threaten their vested interests, and if climate change is threatening their vested interests, then that person will be more inclined to act against it. By informing them about possible property damage, loss of luxuries, and/or possible damage to themselves, their willingness to combat the problem will heighten greatly, and thus the actions taken against climate change by those in power will be more impactful and allow the world we all inhabit to be saved.

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