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Sheik Ahmed Sesay

Association of Chattered Certified Accounting (ACCA), Sierra Leone

My name is Sheik Ahmed Sesay. I'm currently furthering my Association of Chattered Certified Accounting (ACCA). I'm the Youth Commonwealth Correspondent to Sierra Leone (responsible for giving news updates for my country to the Commonwealth). Sheik Ahmed Sesay also doubles as an Administrative Officer at the Center for Peace Advocacy Sustainable Development Organization and the Universal Care for Africa Foundation. In 2020, I was awarded a global UNSDGs badge, as someone who has tremendously contributed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I also serve as the Africa Free Continental Free Trade Area Ambassador to Sierra Leone. I'm an Ambassador of the Model United Nations and so many participating Model United Nations Certificates added to my name both Nationally and Internationally. I'm an Alumni of the Young Africa Leadership Initiative (YALI), as someone who is playing a vital role in the community, Nation and Continental positive building. My career goals are:

1. To actively engaged and make sure the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are being achieved, especially Climate Change sector.

2. To be capacitated with the right skills and knowledge about Climate change, so as to pass on to the next generation.


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