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Shalom Uwamahoro

African Leadership University, Rwanda

Shalom Uwamahoro is an undergraduate student at African Leadership University pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership while focusing on Planetary Health. She is an aspiring conservationist and climate activist with a passion for boosting wildlife sustainability and mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. Her core interests include regional integration, wildlife, climate change, and women empowerment. Shalom likes engaging in active community development activities. Asmaa Dokmak says it well, "Strengths and weaknesses are the main elements of our characters. While it is dumb to think you are fault free, it is also harmful to see yourself as worthless." Shalom believes a failure to be a way of learning; she personally has weaknesses that she identifies through self-assessments; however, she never allows herself to go down due to her weaknesses because she also has strengths to back her up in overcoming her weaknesses.


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