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Ruby Kryticous

Indian Institute of Business, Zambia

I am a climate change activist from Zambia. I currently work with the Green Agriculture Youth Organisation, I am studying Entrepreneurship and mentorship for youth development. I am passionate about youth development and community sustainability by using climate change as my advocacy tool because we can all play a part to save the environment . As youths, we have a much more important role in nation-building and transform communities into sustainable societies. The future of the country depends on our generation and we must be present at every decision level by collaboration between stakeholders. My goals are to reach out to many youth and children by providing awareness and solutions and I have see many have a mpassion for change and need for support because they are the most affected when it comes to climate change . There for we need lasting solutions and support initiatives that can help build resilience communities. The youths are the building blocks of a country.

Ruby Kryticous

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