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Prudence Mbaura

Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe

Prudence Mbaura Development Studies student at Zou University. She is a Feminist, Girl's Rights Activist and SRHR defender, a Zimbabwean philanthropist and gender activist. She advocate for women's rights. She is also an environmental advocate. Prudence Mbaura founding Director of Mukadzi Munhuwo Women's Forum and Daughters of Natural Environment. She increase gender awareness, responsiveness of the environment and natural resources management strategies and in climate change adaptation. She offers support initiatives that aim to actualize the constitutional environment rights. She ensure opportunities for women, including indigenous women, to participate in environmental decision-making at all levels, including as managers, designers and planners, and as implementers and evaluators of environmental projects and Facilitate and increase women’s access to information and education, including in the areas of science, technology and economics, thus enhancing their knowledge, skills and opportunities for participation in environmental decisions. Prudence Mbaura is also the Co founder of Girl's Centric Network. Co founder and Group CEO of Tamiranashe Trust which is comprised of Tamiranashe Primary, Secondary and Women's College.

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