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Profile: Yasmine Amouzegar

I am currently a rising senior at the International School of Geneva in Switzerland. Growing up in Geneva, Switzerland, I have been used to being surrounded by a lot of nature and the countryside. Geneva is a city that is known to be eco-friendly. Being surrounded by the Swiss alps, something that is common in Geneva is that everyone goes up to the mountains skiing every weekend during the winter. However, poor waste management and a large number of cars have affected the Alps with pollution and a rise in temperatures. These factors affect not only the mountains themselves but also the city of Geneva. For example, drinking tap water among citizens is normal since it's fresh from the Alps. However, as the Alps are getting more polluted, access to drinking tap water is becoming limited. This consequence made me want to change and improve the situation to protect our mountains and our city. 

I also always have had the privilege to be educated about climate change at school. I've been going to the same school since the age of 5 years old. My school has always done its best on a day to day basis to be as eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable as possible. For example, around campus, there have always been separate recycling bins for paper, plastic, glass, and compost, along with each classroom having a regular bin for compost and another bin paper. Due to this, as I grew up, I started to get used to these "routines," and I began to implement small changes into my day to day life. However, as I invest myself more in protecting the environment, I realize that little changes are not enough. That is when I came across FXB. When I first heard about FXB Climate Advocates, it immediately interested me. Because just like many issues and problems happening in our world right now, the best way to improve these situations is to educate yourself and others.

-Yasmine Amouzegar

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