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Profile: Yaroslava Shiryayeva

School: Swampscott High School

I am a high school student, a polyglot, and a bookworm. When I'm not at school or at home, I'm in the library, absorbing information and searching for solutions to the climate crisis. I am passionate about helping my community, my country, and, most importantly, my planet.

I am interested in joining FXB Climate Advocates because I believe that this program will help me to be a more successful environmental activist. I am dedicated to becoming a professional climate scientist and/or political advocate and I know that this program will help me to develop the skills that I will need in my career. In interacting with like-minded people, I hope to strengthen my understanding of the climate crisis and my lobbying skills. In a time where global warming poses a terrifying threat to the idea of normalcy, I intend to use every resource at my disposal to reverse the trend of environmental degradation and ecological destruction that characterizes every aspect of our modern lifestyles.

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