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Profile: Wycliffe Mponin

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

25, University of Nairobi, Kilgoris, Narok county, Kenya

  • The future is with us because we are the transformative leaders that the African continent needs. Although that's a big responsibility, if it's something you're passionate about and motivated about, being in this community where there are people with the same passions, motivates you. Because this network exists, it's possible to achieve some of these very big but achievable goals

  • I am a person who is persistent, in my life I have always believed that there is a way, no matter how difficult the situation might be, so when I'm a leader, I will make sure that I persist in each and every situation because that is the quality of good leadership that every leader should uphold and follow. As a leader in my community, I envision a world that honors both our commonalities and our differences, one that not only actively recruits women and girls to schools but which actively addresses any barriers to their meaningful participation in society, also where young men can learn the roles that are handed to us as children and where education has ripple effect that creates a fairer world for women, where every single African young women has a community around her who recognizes her potential.

  • I spent 25 years of my life surrounded by trees in a small town in Kilgoris, Narok county, so, while I understood the importance of forests. Approximately 3 billion people depend on burning solid fuels or kerosene to meet household energy needs. However, my perspective changed when my family traveled to Maasai mara National reserve. As I stood in the middle of a forest filled with trees 90 feet tall, I realized that forests are special and each one is unique. Each forest has its own ecosystem, plant and animal life and beauty. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty and wonder of not just forests, but also everything nature has to offer, meaning that we need to keep our world clean and healthy. Since then, the environment, and thus conservation, has become one of my biggest interests.


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