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Profile: William Lin

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I am a 9th grade Asian boy living in a suburban town of Boston. I love math, science, reading and all subjects. Teachers said they like my curiosities, but I can have too many questions. I also like to play D&D with my friends, and volunteer in places such as Special Olympics.

I am interested in joining FXB Climate Advocates because I feel everyone has a responsibility to protect the planet that we live in and climate issues such as global warming have become more serious that requires a cooperation of efforts from many countries. As young people, we should learn about climate issues and become climate advocates who help researchers and scientists in finding viable climate solutions. I am also excited to learn from the climate experts at the FXB Climate Advocates and work along with young people at my age who share the same climate interests with me. I also believe the organization not only provides us with ample resources, but also empowers us to take actionable solutions that can make positive changes to the global environment.

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