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Profile: Willem Salomo

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

School: Namibia University of Science and Technology

My name is Willem Salomo, from Windhoek, Namibia. I am a vibrate youth in my country and in SADC at large. I have qualifications in disaster risk reduction, disaster law and legislative, social innovation, and in prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse. I have participated in different projects of youth, which also include the discussions in climate change. The major climate change projects I have participated in is the planting of a 1000 trees in my city with the plan of expansion. Secondly, being part of the volunteers to clean or keep the sea shore clean after the holiday visits and tourists is my other passion. Additionally, at the SADC level I was able to advocate for climate change through the Sayof-sadc FORUM with my fellow youth in SADC and and at an international level with the Red Cross. That is my story in short.

I joined FXB Climate Advocates to gain knowledge in climate change issues, to be able to make some policy recommendations on climate change which are facing us at this time. Secondly, to impact and share my knowledge with different youth in my country on how to address these issues.


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