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Profile: Walter Osigai Etepesit

23, Kampala International University Main Campus, Kampala, Uganda

  • I am Interested in FXB Climate Advocates because the adverse climate effects that I am experiencing in Uganda drive me to come up with innovative climate change solutions such as green energy use.

  • I am a hardworking man raised from a poor family who is a student and youth leader who advocates for implementation of SDGs, equality, climate awareness and is passionate about changing the world through innovative technologies that don't affect climate negatively. I am a flexible person who works with all categories of people that have a common goal to achieve through bringing up different strategies to come up with an idea that can be the next big thing in the world. I am a free thinker and someone who is ready to travel to make a positive impact in someone's life. Time keeping is also one of my core values when carrying out a task such as FXB Climate Advocates therefore I am open to joining a life changing opportunity because I give it 100% dedication.

  • I have volunteered in climate awareness campaigns in Uganda through strikes and sharing climate awareness messages to social media groups. Participated in community clean ups of plastics, waste remains and tree planting with volunteers. Personally participated in the installation of solar energy panels in 3 village houses that will be used to pump water and dry agricultural produce.

  • I made these changes because of my love for climate advocacy that can help the local people. The urgent need to move from the dependent use of fossil fuels to green energy supported by solar energy.

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