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Profile: Vinay Karthik

I am an enthusiastic freshman and aspiring engineer from New Jersey who loves reading books and martial arts and is passionate about making a change in the world. I am passionate about how climate change affects our life and livelihood, no matter who we are.

My grandfather, Dr. S. Shanmuganandan, was involved in climate change and inspires me to this day. He was a professor and scientist at the Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. He was also a very passionate climate activist and started the Indian Society for Environmental Health (ISEH), a non-profit organization in India. He also started the first incinerator program in Madurai during times when half-burned, unclaimed dead bodies were thrown into local rivers. All his life, he contributed to the cleaning of rivers in Tamil Nadu, started various environmental reforms, and was part of several international publications. Most of all, he inspires me because he practices what he preaches and has always made me realize the responsibility I hold towards the Earth and its wellbeing.

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