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Profile: Viginus Nnaji

The Federal Polytechnic, Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State

My name is Viginus Nnaji , I am a Nollywood actor and a United Nations SDGs advocate passionate on goal 13, climate change , our aim is to help communities build resilience to climate change, awareness , sensitization of UN Sustainable development goals in secondary schools and primary schools which provides an opportunity to empower the next generation with the knowledge of SDGS in grassroots Education and access to learning communities across South-west Nigeria through our non-profit organization Global environmental and climate conservation initiative ( GECCI)

We leverage on formal and informal methods of community engagement in sensitization and awareness creation programs which has helped us reach large audience across many rural and urban communities in Lagos State our literacy centers climate change and UN SDGs while also providing lots of climate adaptation to underserved communities in Lagos State .

I am glad to learn about this amazing platform -through my good friend, Ikenna Ugwu, and the amazing support it could provide towards achieving Zero emission and our organization's goals and scaling our work in realizing 2030 United Nations goals .

I look forward to being part of this amazing opportunity.

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