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Profile: Tiana del Castillo

I’m a Spanish born, half-American, half-Spanish living in Madrid. I have been going to the American School since K1. I feel I have a lot of compassion for people and the world. Climate change that I become more aware of as I become older is very concerning to me, I am eager to participate in any way that is in my capacity. I have been fortunate to grow up having the possibility of traveling many times to the same places, where I can say that I have noticed significant changes in temperatures, and their seasons. I love wildlife in particular the sea life. I have spent all of my summers on the sea, I can’t imagine the day that it might be impossible to see a dolphin.

I want to do my part in helping out in the world. My mother has been involved in Al Gore’s Climate Change project. The meltdown of the Antarctic glaciers holds repercussions for the sea and all wildlife. I feel inspired that with whatever minimal contribution I make I am adding to making a difference.

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