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Profile: Sunook Yoon

15, Episcopal High School

  • I am interested in joining the FXB Climate Advocates because for the past four years, I have been a member of a youth environmental organization called LAST. My work with LAST has placed me in the frontlines of tackling climate change locally and provided me a platform and voice to be heard across the state, nationally, and internationally. The Environmental Drones and the Litter Locator app that I am the co-founder of have been recognized by EarthEcho International and East Carolina University Water Resources Center. Learning about climate change and emerging environmental issues, forging strategic partnerships and collaborations, and sharing my experiences are important to me. Meeting new people, exchanging ideas, taking action within my community and beyond, and learning more about climate change are a few of my current and future goals. The opportunity to participate in the FXB Climate Advocates training sessions, working on new advocacy projects, and having the opportunity to present and share my voice will provide a valuable experience and enable me to increase my impact.

  • I am a 15-year-old Korean-American passionate about saving the planet, an innovator, co-founder of Environmental Droners and a Litter Locator App, enjoys exploring different cultures and foods, reading, water sports and being a tech geek who 's willing to challenge the status quo.

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