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Profile: Sukhie Grover

My mom’s favorite fruits are watermelons, so in the summer we have at least one lying in the fridge at all times. She hurt her arm around a month ago and had asked me to slice some on a particularly hot afternoon. As I cut away the green outsides, I remember thinking, I didn’t know one watermelon could produce so much waste. I have always been passionate about climate change, from one of my very first picture books on the effects of pollution on elementary school debates about global warming. I am vegan in part due to the environmental effects of meat production. As I placed the watermelon peels in the trash, I decided that I wanted to start a compost for myself and my neighbors to reduce food waste (and in turn, greenhouse gas emissions). That thought was unexpectedly empowering - if I can make a difference for my community, I can make a difference for the world. 

FXB Climate Advocates is a way to impact the world. We have all heard the facts over and over. Climate change isn’t “coming”; it’s already here. I know that I am privileged enough to not be one of the first affected, but I also know there are families and animals currently suffering due to a lack of action. I am ready to do my part to make a difference. 

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