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Profile: Sonal Jena

Atlantic Community High School, Florida, USA

Lately, I've been wondering about many things, mainly the extent of my mind to everyone. In my mind, I have been thinking about the wonders of science and how it works. Last year, I was in a bad place, and I was stuck between staying in my comfort zone or actually trying to live and free my mind with my dreams. Late junior year, I decided to take a chance, and I took upon a Climate READY Internship and a Climate competition. The climate competition process, in which we think up an original product to help climate change, was very unusual, in an exciting way, because the process of wondering and innovating was exciting and I wanted to do it forever. The climate READY internship was a big step for me as well, because you could say I have the social skills of a potato, and the internship basically had all of my insecurities bundled up into a pathway to my dreams. I took a risk and did it, and so far, its turning out to be amazing. During the internship, I found out FXB and your ideas to help the world, which I want to take a part in. I want to fulfill my dreams of exploring and helping, and I really would love to go upon my journey with you amazing folks.


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