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Profile: Sharon Stella Musonza

26/Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe

  • I am an award winning SRHR activist who has always been passionate about promoting health and wellbeing. I have always had a narrow thinking that once a person is grounded in a certain field then they should run with that brand and not mix it with other issues. However, after some self reflection, I have realized that other issues are as important as health when creating a whole being. I then started branching out to advocacy to promote other themes such as gender , youth development, economic empowerment and others in a journey of self discovery and development of a relationship with the SDGS. Even then I also felt that I had neglected climate change and yet it is everyone's issue. I recently was pointed to climate change reading materials and I know I have been missing out on joining a network of changemakers that are fighting for a habitable environment and sustainable use of resources that we have - what could be greater than that. I also realized I could even try to link my work SRHR and Climate, I mean climate change is affecting access to SRHR in many ways and there are things that we can do in SRHR that could help save the planets too. In simple terms, I want to join the FXB Climate advocates program to nurture my newly found calling to be a climate advocate and explore my potential to be the change I want to see in the world and also be part of "saving the world'.

  • I'm a Climate change advocate in the making - trying to find my space and wings in the Climate Change advocacy arena. As an award winning SRHR I have a newly fueled passion to make a contribution to address issues relating to SRHR and Climate Change. I now understand that SRHR is a climate change issue also, the sooner we explore the relationship, the sooner we address challenges coming with the intersection of SRHR and climate change.

  • So I work with a women's organization that empowers girls and serves girls from marginalized backgrounds. I have come up with a project to try and link SRHR and Climate Change. I realize, change in climate have contributed to extreme poverty in rural areas making girls more susceptible to period poverty. Also I thought, just donating sanitary wear to them in the form of disposable pads is not enough, I might as well think of a sustainable solution. So I designed a project that distributes reusable sanitary wear to girls to end period poverty (can use them for 6 months) as well as protecting the environment by cutting on waste from disposable plastic pads that could have been used by girls for those 6 months. I also teach them proper disposal of the pads after use.


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