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Profile: Selone Nuah

23, Okayama University, Okayama, Japan

“I am a climate enthusiast who believes in climate awareness and education. As a marginalized female from Liberia, where women’s participation in climate advocacy is non-existent, I believe this program will equip me with the skills necessary to collaborate with youth for climate education and awareness. I am Selone Nuah, a Liberian. Presently, I am an undergraduate student in Japan studying Liberal arts. I am passionate about climate change, advocacy and policy. Due to industrialization, we over consume natural resources. This has resulted in an increase in environmental degradation and resource wastage. To mitigate this problem I decided to educate and raise awareness in my community. I discussed the impact of overconsumption on the environment and how to live more sustainably. As an individual, I decided to make everyday changes in my lifestyle. I walk often and ride cars less, live a minimalist lifestyle and plant more trees. I imagined that the decisions I made were necessary to live in harmony with nature.”

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