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Profile: Seif Eldin Shorbila

My name is Seif Shorbila. I have a bachelor's degree in telecommunication. I have learned the methods to communicate to the natural things; air, water even the trees.

Statistically, the environmental problems have been increasing dramatically. In addition, we humans are in charge of sustaining the balance of the environment.

A few months ago, I decided to reduce my home gas emission by reducing electrical energy consumption. I started with figuring out the home technologies such as lighting. I then calculated the efficiency for each device and its consumption per day. I noticed the most devices have low efficiency. Afterward, I classified the problem into case studies; raising the lighting efficacy and increasing the pipeline insulation. To increase the lighting energy sustainability, I switched my lights to LED. To see the impact of this, I simulated this change at NetScreen Program to calculate the pay-back time and the amount of Co2 reduction.


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