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Profile: Sasha Worms

Climate change has been described by some as a hoax. These climate change deniers are now gutting our cleaning air and clean water laws. They are removing our country from international treaties and conventions designed to reduce the global carbon footprint.

There is no vaccine to cure us from the effects of climate change. The misery, starvation and dislocation that will result ultimately from global warming will pale in comparison to anything we have seen before. And yet, people in power, driven by ignorance and greed, are at war with science.

I  joined FXB so that I can do my part to bring light to the clear and present danger presented by climate change and the abuse of our ecological system. I grew up sailing and nothing is more tranquil then being on the open ocean with the breeze blowing in your face. However, the damage rising sea levels resulting from global warming, which threatens not only places in the world that will see flooding, but the ecological destruction to the ocean and the wildlife within it, is incalculable.

We cannot wait for the prices to become more pronounced, for famine and starvation to overtake mankind. We need to act with urgency and with determination, because we will not be able to escape  the damage that is being done to our planet. Through FXB, I hope I can contribute to reversing the trend which puts our planet on a track for destruction.


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