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Profile: Santiago Mendes Esteves

I am a 13-year-old Portuguese boy whose interest in geopolitics and history has led me to investigate the current stigmatizing issues in our society, one of which is Climate Change. I have sought to connect faults in our society to lack of action concerning Climate Change. I enjoy reading, writing, and playing the piano.

I was interested in joining FXB’s Climate Advocates as it is one of the few N.G.Os that provides a sturdy platform on which my generation can address and adhere to important issues concerning Climate Change and Sustainability. The unbiased nature of FXB provides the fabric of trust that is vital for my generation to have when combating stigmas and political conflicts of interest that are, in effect, holding us back with regards to a more Eco-friendly world.

I frequently argue in debates, proposing better and more efficient, eco-friendly policies. I investigate, research, and assess the situation in the country I am living in, on the basis of which I will incentivize my School’s Eco-team to embark on a variety of projects. These include large-scale beach clean-ups and assemblies. At a domestic level, I decrease my waste, drink from and use recyclable containers, choose clothing with consideration of textile waste and decrease my use of plastic.

My greatest inspiration in advancing the global environmental movement is Rachel Carson, the author of the book, ‘Silent Spring’. She fought against the use of synthetic pesticides, and through literature, she managed to harness the attention of the American people to the importance of reversing practices detrimental to our planet and ecosystem. She combated Chemical Monopolies and spurred a change in policies, all in her role as a woman in the early 20th century. She made the ban of DDT possible and incentivised the creation of the Environmental Defense Fund.

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