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Profile: Santiago Mendes Esteves

Updated: Feb 2

I am a 15 year-old from Lisbon, Portugal, who has lived in three different countries throughout my lifetime. My interests in Geopolitics, History, the Sciences and Current Affairs have led me to pursue Social Activism as a means of promoting initiatives that benefit Society and address its most urgent crisis: Climate Change. I firmly believe in the beautiful diversity of Earth’s ecosystem; its natural features, its unique atomic make up and the vestiges of its pre-human existence make it a necessity for Society to channel its

innovation in the direction of an environmental revival. Humanity’s diversity - social, cultural, ethnic etc. - is inextricably linked with the unique landscapes that dominate this planet. As a whole, we depend on this world for our livelihoods - it is imperative we do our most to save it. Currently, I am developing a project in collaboration with FXB International that aims to combine hydroponic vertical farming solutions within areas suffering from dietary inequality and climate insecurity.

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