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Profile: Sanjana Mupparaju

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I categorize my life as relating to the song "Hotline Bling." I love painting and I think it is really impressive when a book is funny because it's hard to convey humor without the vocal inflections that make humans so cool.

My sophomore year, I became a founding member of the Alabama Environmental Youth Council and with no adult support, we've continued to build in the past three years - with our first in person event, a cleanup, happening this year. Our members are from all over the state, and we only meet virtually. Learning how to keep this council up, and make small steps to help the environment through it, has been a tough but rewarding process. I hope to join the Climate Advocates, so that I can get leadership skills to continue to push the council farther. Like any other completely grassroots, decentralized organizations, me and the co-head of the council have had our struggles in communicating with the greater Alabama environmental community, getting funding, organizing events, coming up with plans for environmental campaigns, and simply, just getting people to show up to our biweekly meetings. I hope to get the knowledge needed to further what I'm already doing.

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