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Profile: Samuel Opara

22, African Leadership College, Pamplemousses, Mauritius

My name is Samuel Opara, and I am a young Nigerian on a mission to build a sustainable and inclusive society through an inspiring and innovative engineering approach to problem-solving. I have always been a wonder kid. Not necessarily in the sense of a child genius or solving a 100-year-old mathematics problem, but I have always struggled with an undying curiosity to understand how things worked and to figure out how they could work better. This curiosity is a beautiful thing and one I enjoy the most. Still, it became a struggle when I got so excited about figuring out how things such as my uncle's radio device worked and spent the whole afternoon dismantling it while he was at work, which obviously got me into serious trouble. This curiosity got me interested in engineering, and I can't wait to start applying my knowledge as an inspiring engineer to solve the world's big and small issues. From a family of two girls and a boy, I have always been considered different or sometimes weird by peers because I didn't find popular games such as soccer as interesting as other kids, but I love the game of chess, and I can't appreciate enough for such a beautiful platform to be able to compete and share ideas and strategies with incredible people all over the world. I look forward to building my confidence level and skills and positively impacting society.

My interest in the FXB climate advocacy program stems from a deep resolution to make a difference in contributing to a just and sustainable planet.

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