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Profile: Salem Ayenan

Updated: Feb 2

University of Abomey-Calavi, Godomey, Benin

This program is one of the best I have followed in my life. It allowed me to meet great people with exceptional knowledge. This program allowed me to develop new skills in leadership and project management. I was able to acquire new public speaking techniques and the various group work allowed me to develop my analytical skills. I am very impressed with what the organization team and all the Staff are doing. I am now a proud graduate, the very first Beninese to join the FXB Climate Advocate Program Fall Cohort 2022"

Salem M. AYENAN is a young climate activist. Originally from Benin Republic, he is member of YOUNGO where he campaigns for Climate Justice and Climate Education. As member of the All Africa Students Union's Environment Working Group, he works to bring the voice of young people to decision-making bodies. Salem M. AYENAN is a member of several other youth platforms including the Major Group of Children and Youth of UNEP, African Youth Parliament, International Youth Parliament. He is the Coordinator of the Youth Environment Assembly in the Africa region and participates with about twenty young people in the youth consultation process on UNESCO's Greening Curriculum on Climate Education. Salem AYENAN is Mentor for the Hackathon Hack for Earth COP27 in partnership with GIZ, UNICEF, COY17 and other institutions. He's the organizer of the Pre-event Hackathon Hack for Earth COP27 in Benin Republic. Trained by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and African Institute for Economic Development and Planning on "Climate Change Negociations for Young African Negociators", he uses his skills to advocate for youth aspirations to be included in every process. He's the very first Beninese to join the FXB Climate Advocates Program in 2022 and proudly graduate at the end of this four months training programs. He is the initiator of the campaign: All Stand for Climate Revival. Alumni of the first International Youth Forum Berlin, invited by the BMZ Germany to discuss about Youth participation in decision-making process.


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