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Profile: Priyansh Singh

I am someone who values the deceptive simplicity in mother nature. Something as small and seemingly simple as a tree hollow is home to millions of tiny organisms and is vital to our ecosystem. This is why I feel compelled to protect this beauty so that future generations can appreciate its virtue.

This advocacy program augments the effect of environmental initiatives and amplifies the voices of leaders who are motivated to enact a “change reaction”. The precedent set by this program and the framework of operations is extremely efficient and one that I believe I can bring new ideas to. My values align with the core beliefs of the organization and I want to do all that I can to grow this movement.

One initiative I have started within my community, alongside my sister Nandini, is Dirt Cheap. Our business partners with small businesses, including restaurants and cafes, and takes in their wasted produce to convert to compost. We also offer free educational resources so people can spread the word about clean consumption. We are a grassroots business that has faced difficulties in galvanizing the community towards sustainable consumption but even if we gain one supporter, we know our efforts are not in vain. We truly believe in mobilizing the young and urging everyone to do what they can to help.

One leader who inspires me is Sunita Narain. Her environmental efforts included developing a plan for proper forest management in India and traversing through the nation to educate people about the proper management of resources. Furthermore, her efforts inspired action to be taken regarding India’s water pollution issue and well as its waste management issue. Her work shows how dedicated efforts yield tangible and impactful results and that no effort is too small.

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