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Profile: Philip Booth

My name is Philip Booth and I live in New York City on the Upper West side. For the past ten years, I have had to take a thirty-minute bus ride to get to my campus during the school year. After having done it for so long, the process of commuting has become like second nature to me. I forget what’s around me until I finish my commute or whatever other task I am doing, and I’m sure many others feel the same way. However, when I am constantly busy and performing tasks back to back, I tend to lose awareness about the things that go on around me and do not directly impact me in that moment. For a long time, I did not realize how I was impacted by global warming and I did not give it the attention it deserved.

However, when I was writing an article for the science magazine at my school about the effects of global warming, global warming became relevant to me as I was able to see many of its effects that would directly impact me in the future. As a scuba diver, I’ve been fortunate enough to explore reefs and in turn develop my own appreciation for our environment. After learning specifically about global warming’s impact on the marine environment and coral reefs especially, I was compelled to do something about it. Additionally, after reading more in depth about global warming's pitiful effects on less fortunate people I was propelled even further to take action. By joining FXB I can influence others to make the same decision as me and make a conscious effort to help the planet.

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