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Profile: Pearly Esperida

26, G. Dumalasa Elementary School, Calabanga, Philippines

  • FXB Climate Advocates will help me to widen my network and improve my knowledge, skills and values as a climate change advocate. Aside from being a teacher, I am also part of different volunteer-based organizations in our community which support climate actions. I am also working as Global Schools Advocate in my country emphasizing SDG 13 in school curriculum. This new learning opportunity will give me another extraordinary experience to make significant contributions through collaboration with experts on climate change.

  • Pearly is a public school elementary teacher and part-time college professor in Camarines Sur. She participated to YSEALI Public Policy Seminar on Environment and Resiliency Development at Fulbright University Vietnam. She is an active member and volunteer of iLab ARAL and Act Now For Ranow (ANFR), community-based organizations addressing different education and environment issues.

  • One of the biggest changes I made as a climate change advocate was being able to connect with my fellow youth to work together in inspiring other people to make significant contributions in our community. Meeting my fellow volunteers in the organizations made me realize how powerful we are in making a change. We have initiated different programs and projects and knowing how we influenced the participants in a positive way is an inspiration to do more and be more.


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