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Profile: Palistha Tuladhar

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

22/Pokhara University, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • FBX Climate Advocates is a wonderful program that sensitizes youth to the impacts of climate change while pushing them to discover, develop and innovate ideas to act on climate emergencies. It seems to support youths by providing resources, tools and platforms to create climate sustainable solutions.

  • I have always believed in taking actions and developing ideas or products to improve residency to climate change. As a youth, currently, we can participate in policy and dialogue but the window is too narrow to make a change in our country. FBX Climate Advocates is an amazing opportunity which can help us develop ideas and take initiatives to tackle global climate change. It provides a learning platform for us to understand deeper on topics such

  • as climate policy, climate solutions, sustainable production and consumption, etc which are essential key learning points to make climate action.

  • FBX Climate Advocates would also help me develop my personal skills and communicative skills. I want to participate in the program so I can improve my understanding of environmental policy and governance as well as climate solutions. This platform is a great way to build my capacity in different disciplines. Since I'm still learning the ropes of climate advocacy and climate action, I feel like this program will teach me a lot about designing proper climate solutions.

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