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Profile: Omor Faruque

16/Kishoreganj Govt. Boys' High School, Kishoreganj, Bangladesh

  • I'm a boy from Bangladesh who is only 16 & always looking for opportunities.I have participated in programmes like- Dushanbe Water Process Virtual Pre-conference,Seventh Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GP-DRR) 2022, lots of YOUNGO virtual meetings etc.

  • I have cleaned the area where I live in & where I study.I removed plastics & junks from my area & school which was harmful for the environment. I don't use an "Air Conditioner" in my room because it harms a lot of the environment. Me & my family have created a green garden on our roof & our neighbors were inspired by us & they had created it too.So the area where we live in is now clean & green.

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