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Profile: Olivia Njoh-Mbengu

When I first heard about FXB I was immediately captivated by their mission, to help the less fortunate by giving them the tools and support to help themselves become self-sufficient, while also trying to help bring awareness to and combat climate change. Ever since I heard about the ecological crisis our planet is facing, I have always dedicated myself to try and get as involved as possible.

When living somewhere as hectic and fast-paced as New York City- “The city that never sleeps”- it is easy to lose track of the beauty of nature as well as all the hundreds of things that call for our help, and I want to be someone who advocates for those who cannot advocate for themselves. I have always been passionate about working with UNICEF for a while, and I think that FXB has similar priorities that can eventually help lead me to achieving this goal.

Nowadays it is so effortless to dismiss climate change, but considering the trajectory we are following sooner rather than later that will not be the case. I want to be a young voice that speaks out about not only those who are currently being extremely affected by this ecological crisis, but also a voice that shows and brings awareness to the dangers our planet as a whole faces. Our planet needs a wake up call, and I want to be someone who advocates and fights for the rights of the planet and humanity, because that is ultimately what climate change will destroy.

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