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Profile: Olivia Hult

Updated: May 2, 2020

When first introduced to FXB, I was immediately intrigued by the general mission to tackle poverty on a global scale, as this has been an issue I am very passionate about. However, FXB’s specific initiative towards minimizing the disastrous effects of climate change is what speaks to me the most. Living in New York City means I have a multitude of resources at my fingertips, and what makes the youth of this city so special is it’s impel to action. 

This being said, amongst all other political concerns, climate change can at times be overlooked and not prioritized. This can be attributed to living in a city that is not always directly impacted by the consequences of the neglected environment. However, other places throughout the world are currently being destroyed due to extreme weather and natural disasters and people are forcibly displaced from their homes. The United Nations currently refers to these people as “climate change refugees,” and as disaster strikes the UN Refugee Agency constantly scrambles to safely relocate. Under the large umbrella of “climate change,” refugees are something that I am very interested in and hope to continue to study. 

Moved by all of this, I have a newfound passion for advocating for the protection of the planet we live on. Research indicates that the Earth’s climate is changing at a rate that has exceeded scientific predictions. Soon enough, it will affect everyone on Earth regardless of any social identifier. While participating in my school’s environmental awareness opportunities is a good first step, I feel a strong desire to do something more. My hope is that through FXB I can make greater strides in being an advocate for something so much bigger than myself, and something that will have detrimental effects if appropriate and immediate action is not taken.

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