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Profile: Nicholas Von Perfall

Updated: Apr 26

Climate change is a complex issue; one that is going to impact current and future generations socially, economically, politically, morally, and ethically. It is a global crisis — people will feel its effects from the largest to smallest nations, from urban centers to rural landscapes – no one will be spared. We must act quickly and decisively to implement changes that will reverse the damage we have done and preserve the future of our planet.

Personally, I am especially interested in learning more about urban planning and sustainable architecture because how individuals live has contributed to creating the problem.  Communities will certainly be impacted by the increased flooding, droughts, storm surges and destruction predicted by climate change scientists. I believe urban systems world-wide will have to adapt and adjust to protect human settlement, biodiversity and ecosystems. Therefore, I want to understand and get involved in the environmental policies and infrastructure proposals that our government will enact on federal, state and local levels. I also want to study green design and sustainable architecture to understand how we can create energy efficient and environmentally friendly structures.

When I first spoke to Karina her passion for, and commitment to, developing a network of young climate change advocates was contagious. I could not wait to start helping her assemble a group of individuals committed to spreading the message and highlighting our environmental crisis.  I believe that together as one voice we can implement societal changes that will improve the current climate conditions and positively impact future generations.

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