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Profile: Nhi Pham

Hi, my name is Nhi Pham. I’m currently in 9th grade and I go to John Lewis High School in Virginia. Since I was a kid, I’ve always had a great love for nature and enjoy spending time outdoors. It brings me the feeling of calm and relaxing, and when I spend time outdoors, I have a chance to slow down and learn to appreciate the beauty of our world. I constantly remind myself how grateful I am for what nature has provided me with, and at the same time, I have decided that I want to take action on climate change. I don’t want to lose the thing I love so much. Climate change is much more than a future problem, it’s a global emergency and we could already feel the impacts. With the temperature continuing to rise as well as the sea level, many coastal cities such as are being threatened. Everyday, our magnificent ocean absorbs tons of carbon dioxide, leading to ocean acidification and marine biodiversity losses. It’s always scary to think that in the near future, I might not be able to feel the beauty of our Earth planet as I used to. Yet, I believe there is still a chance that we can stop climate change. Even though our planet might not go back to the way it once was, it’s better to do something than nothing. By joining FXB Climate Advocates, I hope to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge on climate change and further spread awareness to other people about this climate crisis. I believe that many people, together, can make a huge difference for our planet.

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