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Profile: Nandini Singh

I am someone who wants there to be an Earth to call home for future generations. Although I am still a student and many may disregard my advocacy efforts as the quixotic view of a child, I recognize that even the most minute of my attempts can change the world. Some of my hobbies include hiking, writing poetry, reading, and gardening!

I see this advocacy opportunity as a way to contribute my skill set to the ongoing efforts made by climate crusaders. To be a part of such a nurturing and educational environment is an honor and a privilege.

I started a small business, Dirt Cheap, where restaurants and local eateries can donate any leftover produce that they were not able to use and I in turn convert it to compost. As a supplement to my small business, I send out emails and flyers to local cafes so that they may learn more about how they can sustainably manage their waste.

A climate change advocate who inspires me is Miranda Wang. She invented an inexpensive method to break down plastic waste, specifically polyethylenes, which otherwise ends up in landfills because of its chemically inert nature. Wang has also developed a method to keep out single-use plastic packaging out of oceans, even when critics said it was undoable. Her work inspires me to overcome adversities and maintain focus on my goals for lessening the already exacerbated conditions of climate change. In addition to the fruits of these innovations, her work is a testament to what young leaders can do when they stay determined!

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