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Profile: Misk Ibrahim

My name is Misk Ibrahim and I am 13 years old. Ever I learned about how humans are fueling climate change, I developed a strong passion for fighting for the Earth. I believe that no matter your age, it's not too early to start fighting for Earth.

I joined the FXB Climate Advocates program because I love to interact and learn from people who share the same concepts and values as I do. I no longer want to sit around and wait for change to happen; instead, I want to demand change and be a part of it.

My role model is Dareen Mehdi. She fought for the environment until her last breath. She's my inspiration because she dedicated her whole life to fighting for what she believes in and I can relate to her because we both are Omani. In my country, we don't have a lot of climate action; so for her to be able to make a change and be respected by people is a huge inspiration for me. We also have no climate activists but she left all that behind and became the first.

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