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Profile: Maureen Maina

21, African Leadership College, Mauritius, East Africa

  • FXB Climate Advocates would be a great opportunity for me to further familiarize myself and gain more skills on the effects of climate change since I am looking forward to starting my own company that produces sustainable African brand clothes with an aim to reduce waste and also the global emission caused by fast-fashion companies. I believe this will be a great asset for me to be able to achieve my goal since I will have a deeper understanding of climate change.

  • I am a curious human. I find so much beauty and fascination in nearly anything. I am also imaginative and open-minded, I am not afraid to venture beyond my comfort zones in search of new ideas, experiences, and adventures. Currently, I am in third year student pursing business management at the African Leadership College in Mauritius. I am Kenyan by nationality.

  • I started a shoe-making business that specializes in making Ankara women's shoes from old shoes that were no longer in use. My goal with this was to recycle the shoe, rebrand it, and make it environment-friendly in the sense that it won't be dumped somewhere or burned, hence increasing the carbon footprint. I have also worked as a volunteer in school to bring awareness to climate change and energy conservation tips. I am also trying to buy more energy-conserving equipment and carpool with friends in order to reduce the amount of emissions released in the atmosphere.

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